Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Visiting Season

Mason was way more thrilled with these visitors than he looks here. Way to snarl, Mas! 
The bright red doors of our Flat Top mountain hovel have flung open to the first guests of 2014! Our first suckers ... I mean, guests ... were Karen Cook, aka The Keeper, aka Mason's ex-wife;  her two close and very sporting friends, Daphne and Paula; and Randy, an old running buddy of Mason's from their rowdy 20s.

This was a historic visit. Karen has opened the door to her Texas home to us many times, and is always the gracious hostess. We were super excited to finally be able to return the hospitality. We made these folks live the Flat Top life: walking Nick twice a day and spending the hours in between doing whatever they wanted -- except for Paula, who kept getting enlisted in the kitchen.

Randy is a garden freak like me, so we had lots of flora to discuss, and he went home with a small collection of goodies, including a dogwood sapling.

And each night was spent by the bonfire, including two good blazes in the new fire ring in the backyard "tiki bar" area, which yes, still has no tiki bar. (We're working on it, people.)

All four of these adventurers made the drive up here from Florida. Smartly, they spent time up here first before spending a few days relaxing on the white sands of Destin, Fla.

Next up to visit? Mom is headed this way in a week or so, and we might also score a drive-by from some Minneapolis friends who are taking a road trip.  We never would have guessed we'd lure so many friends to the wilds of Tennessee. But we're damn happy to see them all!

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