Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just Some Photos

The walkway to the sheds, one of which still needs trim. That's my romaine lettuce in the bigger pot.
All work and no play makes for little news. So instead, here are some photos from the garden. There's still so far to go on the yard, but slowly but surely I can see a little progress. Every time I drag home another plant from work, Mason just rolls his eyes. But he knows it will help make our little place in the woods that much better! Have I mentioned I love plants?

Six or seven miniature roses were growing out in the front "lawn" (i.e.: dirt patch) when we moved in. I don't really love them, but I can't throw out a decent plant, so I moved them to a sunnier spot, gave them some good soil and now they seem happy. Until the deer eat their heads off.

Made this trellis out of branches. Not sure how much longer it will hold together.

We made this guy out of some scrap metal a couple of years ago when my mom visited. Wonder what we'll create when she's here visiting next week? That shrub is a Dream Catcher (kolkwitzia?). Nice lime color in part shade.

Yeah, the front beds are a serious work in progress, so don't judge me.
But that Sum and Substance hosta in the rear left? Delicious. (Note the rhododendron on the front porch waiting to be planted tomorrow. I've killed two Home Depot versions so far; hoping No. 3, from the Barn Nursery, is lucky for me.)
From front to back, that's Burgundy Glow ajuga, a teeny-weenie painted fern that's struggling (a bargain buy from work in November), then a mass of hardy geranium (macrorhizzum, my favorite),  a Japanese forest grass (the yellow thing, which still has some growing to go), a blue hosta that's got a ton of growing to go yet, and then the little Bloodgood Japanese maple I planted on the day my dad died. In the far right corner you'll see the Shasta viburnum that my co-worker Craig gave me. Trust me, it's going to be beautiful in a few years! The lawn is looking pretty lush right now; let's see how it survives the summer.

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