Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Hunt begins

The Great Land Hunt is afoot!!

Spent the past three days in Florida checking out Randy's digs. Mason has serious tractor envy.

Drove today to Athens, GA, where our Land Hunt starts for real! Spent our evening tossing back brews with the college kids and watching some zombie series on AMC.

Tomorrow we check out the Athens, Toccoa areas before moving into eastern SC. Supposed to rain in the upper 30s the next two nights, so screw camping. We're hoteling it until the rain stops.

High(low)lights of the last two days: a confederate flag twice as big as my car flying above a private residence in GA,  the NPR jingle being played on a banjo, our first breakfast at the Waffle House (guaranteed not to be the last)  and drinking with the college kids in Athens...

Stay tuned for more adventure....

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