Thursday, November 18, 2010

A window becomes a door

Winding up our last big project for Mason's family, we finished off the French doors today. Of course Mason's never done this kind of thing before, but we're thinking it turned out pretty damn nice. Not to mention that it makes Bart and Angelina's outdoor space way more accessible from their living space. And an added bonus: We only let their manic little Min-Pin dogs escape the yard twice during the whole project. One other bonus: Mason promised me an electric caulking gun for Christmas so when we re/build our next house, my little girl hands don't have to work so hard!!

Countdown to the Great Land Hunt can finally begin. Saturday we head back to Lake Kiowa to see the Williams half of the family for a few days before heading east.


  1. I think you guys may have stumbled upon a future income stream. Kitchen and doors look great.

  2. You guys deserve a beer. Oh, you already took care of that?

    Eagerly awaiting pictures from the trail...