Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's not ALL fun and games

The Great Land Hunt took a turn early today, when the aging Cabrio refused to start in the cold South Carolina rain. The old girl's distributor cap is real finicky about getting wet. And so began the long walk (see above) to the auto parts store for a quick repair. It wasn't so bad, though, because Mason is the magic man and fixed her up right quick...

While we loved Athens, Ga., the outlying land didn't do much for us. So then it was onto South Carolina. After taking wrong turn after another and arguing about directions, we've surrendered and picked up a GPS to settle the fights and lead our way. And frankly, we could never have found our way without it.

Today we walked two properties at Lake Greenwood that had potential. Nick absolutely loved it, and we liked the idea of a lake community, but we're still thinking we can maybe do better.

So the Hunt continues. Tonight we're in Tryon, N.C., just over the stateline. Tomorrow we've got a long list of properties to check out. If the Cabrio starts, that is, as it's raining like crazy.

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