Friday, December 3, 2010

High times

This was Day 3 of driving around the Asheville area, hunting down property. We really like this area: the people are friendly, the mountains are beautiful and the wild rhododendrons grow more than 10 feet tall! Amazing!! However, we’re finding that most of the undeveloped property is HIGH up in the mountains, which really isn’t what we want…

The poor little Cabrio was tackling some seriously steep, switchback gravel roads today (don’t worry, Mom, we always stop once we see the numerous “no trespassing” signs). The landscape is always very entertaining: One minute you see a shack out of “Deliverance” with goats in the front yard (along with a whole lot of other unidentifiable items strewn about), and the next minute you hit a gated community with houses out of Home & Garden. At least fewer Confederate flags have been flying since we crossed the border into the “North.” Also, DAMN are there a lot of houses out here in the rural land. Overpopulation is ruining everything good!!

We've decided we’re looking for a bit more pasture or rolling hills… something we can transform with years of gardening. Not sure if we can find it, though, unless we REALLY head out for the boonies. (Ken, there’s hope: A boat is still Plan B.)

So alas, we’re not quite sure where to head next. We might go back a bit south again to northern South Carolina, or we may concentrate on the region just southeast of Asheville, or we may head toward the coastline. Wherever we head, at least we’ll be in clean clothes, as we tap out this update from the Laundromat. Oh yes, it’s a glamorous life.

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  1. hi, nan!! asheville is gorgeous but expensive. what about alabama? (my husband's cousin lives there pretty cheap) i just found your blog through Lo's blog. i am happy to follow your adventures. Laurie H.