Monday, December 20, 2010

Ladies and gents, he made it!

Yes, that's right. Mason turned the big 60 today. He celebrated by eating chicken fried steak and eggs for breakfast, digging ditches in Karen's front yard for hours, then downing a couple margaritas with dinner. Now it's beers while watching the Vikings. I expect he'll be dead by morning. Seriously, no one else lives for each day like Mason. Happy Birthday!


  1. I'd tell Mason to have a drink, but I realize he probably wasn't waiting for permission from me. He'll probably have the last laugh -- outliving all of us!

  2. Let him live to be a hundred! We want him on earth. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Happy trails, you two!
    In something of a parallel life, I'm blogging about my land project, too.

    Can't wait to track YOUR progress!(Do you miss that wood chipper?)

    Hugs from the hinterlands. -Jackie

  3. Happy Birthday, Masonofabitch (nickname courtesy of Ron Smith!

  4. i've been waiting and waiting to send you this christmas card. if i send it to parcel, hill no. 3, dirt road no. 8, chatanooga outskirts, will it get there?