Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No power ... and none coming

With a realtor's warning like that, who would even go look at the property? Yup, that's right: Us! And guess what? We really like it!! OK, it's a super rustic cabin on just five acres. No running water. No electricity. No heat (and certainly no A/C)! But it's quite private (it backs up to 1,000 acres of timber company land), has good southern exposure (for Nan's gardening), no mobile homes in the area, and for an added bonus: only one Confederate flag was spotted (seriously, that's really good for around here). There's a 12-acre lake a half-mile down the road for our summer swimming pleasure (ahem: "Residents Only"! Sooo exclusive.) Care to see the place? www.landsoftennessee.com/tennessee/?detail=&inv_id=919848


  1. It's super cute, but no running water? And how long does it take to drive to Minnesota ... for SUMMER visits?

  2. I'm also confused about the water. The listing says full bath. And there's a TV plugged into the wall. These things make me think it's perfect.

  3. SOOO perfect! So much more there than I expected! And I pointed out to Leslie that it appears to already have guest beds available for visitors!! So have you been camping during your searches? How have you been living?