Thursday, December 9, 2010

Screw this land hunt, we're going home ...

But ... home is now Soddy Daisy, TN. Or more exactly 0 Young Road, Flat Top Mountain, Hamilton County. ... That's right, our NEW CABIN doesn't even have an address, unless you count Map 31, Parcel 109.02. Yes, friends and foes, we've taken the serious plunge. Sealed a deal today for the cute little cabin with no electricity or running water (but it's soon to come, no frets!!). We close and take possession either Monday or Tuesday (whoever said rural life moves slowly?).

Here are the details: a 900 sq. ft cabin, with a bedroom on the main floor but also a loft bedroom. The main floor consists of a kitchen, living room and unique spiral staircase up to the loft. The kitchen will take a complete remodel. We're already planning a long galley butcherwood countertop with a farmhouse sink under the window, and a massive granite/soapstone island, complete with a stovetop and bar stool dining area. ... The bathroom has a great (gravity-feed) clawfoot tub (with shower to come), but the room itself will take some major work before I'd let strangers see it. We plan to bump out the bathroom wall a bit, tile it and replace the sink and toilet. Mason has already been assigned the first toilet-cleaning effort. Don't ask.

Before we do all that, we have to have a water well drilled 250 feet down inside the mountain (don't worry, they say they do it all the time). And we'll invest in a propane-run generator (and battery bank) for electricity, as well as a propane-run fridge and stove.  Internet and TV will have to come via either satellite or cell phone -- need to research that further.

There's a great wood stove in the living room, so that will keep us warm in the not-so-cold winter months (there are propane wall heaters, too, if needed). And summer nights will be spent on the front or back porch, or in front of the great front-yard firepit. (Dino: Get this, the cabin comes with a great grill, so let the ribfest resume!!)

Alas, the place is incredibly rustic right now. When we're done with it  (plans include a 2-story guesthouse and an outdoor yoga area, and of course, gardens galore!!), it will be RUSTIC CHIC. Then maybe the dentist who just bought the 5 acres next door will hire us to do his place!!!

Yes, yes, we're nuts. But happy nuts. ... Hold the snail mail until we can get a post office box. No mail trucks would make it down the 2 miles of dirt road to the new place. And besides, there's no real address there. Even the Cabrio will be sold; we're thinking a second pickup might be more practical.

And bonus: It's only 30 minutes to town and every amenity you could think of (except for family and friends, of course).

The Great Land Hunt has ended, but the blog will continue, so stay tuned!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am soooo happy for you! You're still free, but not running so much! Land, land under your feet! I can just imagine how everything comes together! More chic than rustic!! That dentist would be OOOOOH so lucky to have you work on his place! He doesn't know the lottery he just scored!!! And only 30 minutes from Home Depot! Awesome!

  2. It looks great, dunnit? Only problem is the name "Soddy Daisy." I'd just go with "north of Chattanooga." WTG guys!

  3. also, we NEED PIX as soon as possible.

  4. wow. i'm with C (catherine?). we need pictures.