Wednesday, January 12, 2011

See? We Made It!

Well, almost.

Halfway through the drive today, I'm so bored I read the U-Haul contract for entertainment. Apparently we weren't supposed to pack the towed pickup full of heavy crap to the roof and then park it backward on the trailer. (Mason note: We WERE FORCED to back it onto the auto transport, or we would've had 4 feet of Truck Ass hanging off the end of the trailer.) Hmm, maybe that's why it was swaying back there behind the U-Haul anytime we exceeded 60 mph. ... Thank Mohammed that nothing bad ever happens to Mason.

And that includes how we miraculously escaped death when a 3-cubic-foot chunk of ice blew off the top of a Wal-Mart trailer (thanks so much, Covenant Transport) and landed square on the windshield (Nan's side; thank you, Buddha) of the U-Haul. Not a scratch on anything, except for on Nan's psyche.

But now we're tucked safely into Chattanooga, where 4 inches of snow apparently shut down the city on Monday. Tomorrow we'll see if we make it up Flat Top to the end of Young Road.

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