Monday, January 31, 2011

Big, big day on Flat Top

Just looks like a big yellow truck, right? But see how it's wedged in between those two trees?  David the Well Man backed it up perfectly on his first try. The man is clearly good at this. At least we hope he is!

He and his two trusty mates launched the 40-foot-tall rig on the back of the truck and drilled a 6-inch-diameter hole into our mountain for about four hours today.  Four hours! And guess how deep they went? 375 feet. Gulp. They struck water, two streams David said, but not the "gusher" (his word) he was looking for.  As they quit for the day, it looked like we were getting about 3 gallons of water per minute -- livable but no gusher. (All that gray stuff in the pix below is sand, from the sandstone they were drilling through -- and yes, Nick managed to walk right through it and make a mess of himself.)

The gentlemen's verdict: Leave the truck and rig in place for the night and see what we think in the morning. Looks like we may go a bit deeper. Forgive us, dear mountain, but we do crave our water.

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  1. Prayin' for a gusher! On the other hand, pray for us to survive the WHITE DEATH!