Friday, February 4, 2011

H, 2, Oooooh Yeah!

I've been duly chastised for leaving y'all in a cliffhanger. Please, blame the WATER! Yes, we have water! Gushing out with a force that could peel off all the layers of dead skin collecting on our shower-starved bodies (sorry for the visual).

The well and its 84-gallon pressurized tank (did you hear that, Leslie? Pressure!) are a thing of beauty, but as soon as they were installed, a cold front was coming down on us so we quickly had to launch into building a well house to protect our new baby! So for two long, exhausting days in near freezing temps, we built a 6- by 8-foot insulated shed.

The job was so grueling -- tho still not quite done -- that I now type this message out from our usual Chattanooga motel, where we treated ourselves to long hot showers, dinner out, 12 hours of sleep, lots of CNN and soon-to-be clean laundry.

So we now have water, but there's nowhere for that water to go. Mason, the hardest working unemployed man ever, has to plumb the house to bring that water inside. So today we rent a "trencher" to dig and bury the water lines, as well as propane lines for the new, more powerful generator that should arrive next week.

Let the hard work begin anew.

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