Friday, February 18, 2011

Department of Water and Power

Two big breakthroughs here on Flat Top. The massive new propane-fueled generator is finally generating electricity. And it's shaming our old generator, bringing our batteries up to full strength in record time.

The new generator also means we finally have enough power to operate the well pump 375 feet beneath us, so yes, ladies and gents, we have water!!! OK, it's out in the yard and not in the house yet, but just you wait!! We do have the water plumbed TO the house, but still have to plumb the house itself.

Tonight we're taking our first showers with our own water, instead of store-bought gallons. Trust me, it's a good thing, even if we're still just filling the sun shower with that water.

Weather's been so warm, we haven't needed the propane heaters at all. Tank tops have been donned and life is good. And in remodeling the utility room, Nan's invented new yoga poses while holding drywall in place while Mason runs the screw gun. Does it get any better?

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