Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo alert!

Folks have been encouraging us to post more photos, but we're having a hard time seeing a photo of our new water heater being shared by you with quite the same excitement as we have for it.  So alas, here's me in my new fave Wellies. Yes, that's a beer in my hand. We had just finished our sunset walk, which we take every night at Nick's request. By the way, Minnesota friends, it was 68 degrees today.

We've been apprehensive to show photos of inside the cabin until we've made our "improvements" -- a new kitchen, bath and other accents. But here's a tease of the living room, before and after, which is still a work in progress:

That bulletin board on the right-hand side, beyond the white chair, is on the spiral wooden staircase that goes up to the bedroom loft upstairs. And the window you see in the upper right area -- that's in the "master" bedroom, which right now is our storage room full of everything that hasn't been unpacked yet, which is mostly everything.  And that's the wood stove that's been deemed a danger zone, but yet which we keep using.

The photo was taken from the "dining room" table area, and in the last corner of the main floor is the kitchen, which is not ready for prime time just yet.

Tomorrow's excitement: Installation of the water heater and the possibility of HOT WATER!! Well, at least from a spout attached to the water heater. Haven't quite gotten to that house plumbing. But we've been working non-stop, we promise!! The front yard is now completely leaf-free and the front lawn just got its spring fertilizing. And the battle against wasps invading our home is in full swing. 


  1. If you're not willing to show us photos now of the rooms not ready for prime time, I hope you're taking lots of 'before' photos so that we can compare them with the 'after' ones when you do show 'em! Lookin' good, people!

  2. it looks like a magazine already! sheesh! those boots are very excellent.

  3. You've Nan-ified it already! Looking good!