Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hot off the presses!

What's that you see? Water? Coming from our kitchen faucet?

 Oh wait, wait, is that steam wafting above the bucket? Oh yes, yes, YES! It is!!

A remarkable day on Flat Top today, as Mason plumbed the hot water line to the kitchen sink. The cold water got connected last night. People, you have no idea how novel it seems to turn a faucet handle and get water. I feel like an extra in the "The Gods Must Be Crazy," because the smile on my face when I saw water come out of the faucet was as wide as the Serengeti. I was transported to childhood delight. Utterly deliriously happy.

I no longer have to heat water on the stove to do dishes. I no longer have to heat water to take a shower. OK, OK, I still have to fill a "sun shower" bag to shower, but  those days are numbered. (Target number: 6.) And yes, to flush the toilet, we still have to use a bucket of water (from the shiny new spigot outside the back door!!) ...

... but those days, too, are numbered. (Target number: 8.)

And just when you think that's enough good news to keep us going for another two weeks, guess what  I did today, on the 27th of February? I gardened. Dug in the dirt. Planted. Watered. And it was pure heaven.  The local Home Depot had some hardy ground covers on sale. And as Nancy knows too well, I couldn't resist. I planted 10 little sprouts of Mondo, otherwise known as "Monkey Grass." I also launched into my first massive garden project, creating a mulched pathway to the well house, via what will be the hammock area. On February 27th. Oh, and wearing a tank top nonetheless.

And if that's not enough great news, tomorrow we are road-tripping it to the Atlanta IKEA to buy a bunch of bookshelves for storage.

Oh yes, I'm in heaven.


  1. Do deer eat monkey grass? IKEA=fun!

  2. reminds me of our own hippie days in Humboldt, but we actually had electricity and water, often it was coming through our roof ( rains here )
    glad to see you both looking good and busy

  3. You've just moved a significant step closer to having visitors. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not for the three of you.