Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Every Day, a Bit More Progress

Today I finished painting the well house and shoveled more gravel/sand that was brought to the surface when the water well was drilled, while Mason worked on the water heater installation and added two more deep-cycle batteries to our battery bank. Here's the well house, beside the beautiful new (and grossly expensive) generator and in the background, 500 gallons of Sweet Lady Propane. Don't worry, some shrubs and perennials will be planted this spring to make the whole scene a bit more ... scenic.

Our house is situated in the very southwest corner of our five acres, and those short pine trees you see in the background are part of the 1,000 acres of timber company land that borders us on the south. The pines were recently replanted and won't be harvested for three or four decades, we're told, so they'll make fine neighbors.

And here's the entrance to our "driveway," which is in the northwest corner of our property. The sign was there when we moved in -- we promise to eventually switch to something a bit classier, but it's low on the priority list at this point. But isn't Mason getting even more handsome? Mountain life seems to agree with him, although he keeps muttering something about being "overwhelmed."


  1. You're BOTH looking handsome! Totally digging your blog. Not sure I'll be able to figure this out, but would you mind if I posted a link to it from my blog?