Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two More Critter Nests

There is so much to remodel here, but I never guessed that the utility room would be priority one. But alas, before can install the water heater, or all the electrical/water/propane plumbing, we had to address the fact that our utility room looked like a murder scene, covered in black plastic splattered with ... who knows what. In the teardown today, which was thoroughly disgusting by the way, we discovered two more critter nests: one wasp den, complete with "hibernating" wasps, and another twiggy structure that could have been either bird or squirrel. 

After that fun, we built a timber-lined bed of pebbles for the new generator to sit on.

Then we pushed all the dirt back into all of the trenches we dug last week. 

Then at 4 p.m., we quit for the day -- and felt like we didn't get enough done. We've never been daunted by house projects before, but consider us daunted. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. 

We cracked open two beers and built a bonfire out front with flames leaping 4 feet high. We sat still for about 10 minutes before we started again -- picking up sticks and branches and throwing them on the fire.

Some bright news: 60s tomorrow and most of the coming week. We'll be back in the zone. 


  1. Pace yourselves, for cryin' out loud! We won't be down for at least a couple of weeks (kidding!).

    So did you completely tear down the utility room? or just gut it, and then set up spot for water heater nearby? Couldn't exactly tell ...

    Beer (AND a bonfire) after hard work=priceless!

  2. So glad Kathie pointed me to your blog. Mason finally found the total freedom he's been looking for, it seems. I truly envy you two.

    Dave G