Sunday, February 6, 2011

Digging It

Does this man look like he's in his element, or what? That's the well house,  protecting our new precious water well and pressurized 84-gallon tank. Those trenches you see crisscrossing the landscape? That was today's project. Thank goodness we rented a trencher for the job. It's a serious piece of machinery that digs a trench 18 inches down, tearing up tree roots and anything else in its path. The 52-degree sunny day was perfect for the project. And don't get me wrong, the machine did the bulk of the work, but a lot of our muscle-power was also expended.

Now all you folks planning on spending those spring, summer and fall vacations here, here's the trench that leads to the future guesthouse, assuming we don't run out of money before we get around to it. (Don't worry, it's still in the budget).

The photo is taken from the middle of the "back yard," where the famed tiki bar is planned. ... Oh there are soooo many plans. But for now, the focus is on getting water plumbed to the house. Laura Ingalls Wilder, you ain't got nothing on me! I think of you every time I have to go get buckets of rainwater so I can flush the toilet.


  1. As always, impressive work. And, yeah, even if you rent the machine, you still have to run it. I'm thinking of my recent tussle with the snowblower. Oh, yeah, and the roof rake. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mason looks younger by the day. Bastard.

    And I don't remember the toilet-flushing part of the "Little House" books; was that in "The Long Winter"? :-)

    Woman, you amaze me. Simply amaze me.

  3. Did anyone mention it barely got above zero today? or yesterday? I'm here to let you know. Also, think about a MN trip right around Aug. 20...