Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today's Guessing Game

Which of the following events really happened today?

1) A new neighbor, who crossed our path as we were abandoning our U-Haul auto transport trailer by the side of our snowy, ice-covered dirt road once we realized the road was too bad to tow it, left us be, then thought better of it and turned around and offered to help guide us in for the final 2 icy, hilly miles to our new home.

2) My yoga mat, which Mason bitched about me packing within easy access, was the key to getting traction when the rear-wheel-drive U-Haul couldn't quite get over a few hills on those final 2 miles.

4) It took us at least an hour to go those 2 miles.

3) We were greeted at our new home by an unidentified critter living in our walls -- who apparently didn't take kindly to sharing his space.

4) We were greeted at our new home by empty beer bottles, molding condiments in the little moldy fridge, a puppy pee pad in the main room, mouse turds on the kitchen counter and an unspeakably unusable toilet.

5) The U-Haul trailer that we left abandoned by the road for several hours was still there when we returned with Mason's pickup to tow it to the Soddy Daisy drop-off point.

6) Mason had to drive his truck in reverse (with the retrieved trailer behind it) for a good mile or so because the road was too narrow to turn around with the trailer in tow.

7) Our return that evening to our motel was stalled by a tow-truck rescue of a tractor-trailer that got stuck in the snow delivering chicken feed to a nearby Tyson operation.

Yes, people, you probably got it right: They're all true, and it's been one unbelievable day!!! For those good guessers, here's your reward -- and ours: Home sweet home!!

(PS: That's a Tennessee state flag to the left of the front door, NOT a Confederate banner.)

Tonight we took long hot showers (perhaps our last with water pressure for a while) and tomorrow night, we will stay home for the night ... and the next, and the next. ... But first we have to get that U-Haul truck back down the mountain. ... How's that for a teaser?


  1. Christ! What a journey. All I can say is that I hope it gets easier from this point on!!! As Churchill said: Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.

  2. holy smokes. only people who think nothing of knocking out a wall after dinner and before dessert would do any one of these things in a day, much less all of them.

  3. ps word veri was NONANN. i hope that's not a sign.

  4. You can tell that this blog is not directed to a southern crowd since you had to specify that the flag isn't a Confederate Flag.