Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Room, the Good and the Bad

Mason and I must have solar-powered brains, because when that sky is blue, we just hum along with energy. And the days here have been sunny, 60s and gloriously productive.  But does that mean the guest room remodeling job is close to done? Umm, no.

It's the classic "one thing leads to another" refrain in remodeling. At first we were making good progress, chasing out the flying squirrels (they left claw marks on the siding in a desperate bid to get back in), wiring the room for lights and drywalling the ceiling. Then it poured and the ceiling leaked. We fixed the leak, then sprung another one in the utility room. That was NOT our day. But then the sun came out again.

We got half of the walls covered in drywall when we realized we'd have to rip up the lovely vinyl floor tiles before we could start building a closet wall. Sure enough, under the glued-down vinyl tiles was a glue-down laminate floor. And that glue? It was icky gooey sticky. After a lot of swearing and getting half the floor stripped to the subfloor, it became clear that the subfloor was substandard: thin, moldy and warped. Yup, it had to go, too.

Am I boring you yet? Yup, remodeling jobs can get that way. I won't even bother to tell you all about the propane line extension and the crawlspace skirt and insulation, other than to say Mason spent many hours on his hands, knees and back.

So, the project I thought might be done by mid-February is looking like March. (Mason's laughing about now, knowing all along that we'd never be done by February.)


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