Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Visit? Because NYT Says So

Just in case you didn't hear, the New York Times in a Sunday travel piece listed Chattanooga, TN, as one of "45 Places to See in 2012." Seriously! It touts the city's big turnaround from its gritty industrial past and its burgeoning arts scene.

And if that's not enough to tempt you to visit, Chattanooga was also named recently by Outdoor magazine as the best U.S. city for its outdoor life, including trails for biking and walking, swimming, canoeing, caving, rock climbing, hang gliding and whitewater rafting.

Not that we've had much time to enjoy any of those activities.

We're not saying Chattanooga is the best place we've ever lived. It isn't, for a lot of reasons (don't even get me started on the quality of restaurant food here). There's a lot about this area of the South that can rub a person the wrong way. But I do confess, I have taken a liking to drawing out them vowels with that twang.

I'm just saying that there is a kinda cool vibe in downtown Chattanooga. And apparently a few other, better, journalists agree.

But before y'all call and schedule those summer visits, maybe I should also confess that our guest room critter, which we think is an adorable flying squirrel, sounded as if he was holding ballroom dance classes inside the ceiling this morning. But now that the back porch is as good as new (way to go, Mason!), the guest room remodel (and critter removal) is moving closer to the top of the repair list, pushing that kitchen remodel further and further away.  Can you hear me crying from there?


  1. I am such a trend setter. :) Good luck with the squirrel!

  2. I also liked the river town vibe of Nooga (hispter lingo, ya know). And that secret swimming hold in Soddy was pretty remarkable, too. Add in the outstanding whitewater rafting, and you should AT LEAST get the Balafases down there, for cryin' out loud.

    Critter removal? Essential! You going to be post photos of good-as-new porch?

  3. Nan, What is your snail mail address? Need to send something to Mason. Thanks. Sean

  4. Hey Nan,

    I got your letter a couple weeks ago and sent you a letter/package in return. I haven't had much luck with the post office lately, so I hope you received it. Anyway, it was SO GREAT to hear from you. Love the blog! I told my friend, Stephen, about it. Now we're both fans. If I can steal some extra time this summer, I'd love to swing by. Meanwhile, so glad you got your roof fixed.

    Stay warm,