Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mason's Progress Report

Mason already has the upper hand on the back porch repair. As bad as it looked, the whole repair job will likely cost less than $200, not counting our free (and hard) labor, of course. The main support beam is already up and painted (my measly contribution).  Now we have to replace the broken slats that support the metal roofing (1x4's already painted and ready to roll) and screw down the new sheets of roofing. Simple, eh?

Progress has been slowed slightly by that arctic cold snap that brought record low temperatures to the region. We just don't do cold very well. Overnight temps in the teens also gave us a bit of a scare that our water pipes were going to freeze. So tomorrow's biweekly trip to Home Depot will bring home more insulation and plywood to build a skirt around our cabin's crawlspace, trying to keep it a bit warmer, and more insulation for the pipes themselves.

Oh, and that critter living in the ceiling of the guest room? He may have breeched the perimeter. No sightings, but a pile of shredded insulation is a sure indicator. We keep that door shut, so you know, I'm sure he'll absolutely respect our living space and stay in the guest room until we can trap him.

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