Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Spy a Critter Nest

Can you spot where Rocky the Flying Squirrel chose to make his winter home? (Yeah, I know, no imagination in our nickname choice.) Sadly, this was one of several critter nests we uncovered this week as we launched into the guest room remodel.

Finally acknowledging that we probably won't get around to starting that "guesthouse" until this summer, we decided that we at least needed to gut the guest room to increase our chances of luring visitors. The room isn't that bad. See?

But those wood planks were installed with huge gaps, revealing the insulation behind it. And the ceiling was crappy particle board and leaked every time it rained. And then it became clear that some kind of critter was living in the walls.

After two days of nasty demolition work, we can now make that critters ... plural. And they were in the wall ... and the ceiling.

So here's Rocky, who fled outside to a nearby tree only after Mason pawed his little patch of feces-riddled insulation. Kinda cute, isn't he?

We thought he was the lone culprit, but when Mason peeled back another piece of insulation that didn't look "nested" but looked moist (yeah ... I mentioned it was nasty, right?), a second flying squirrel tumbled to the floor. "We've got a runner," he yelled. (I was busy taking Rocky's photo at the time.)

Mason moved quickly and trapped the squirrel inside a bucket (which was catching rainwater leaking from the ceiling so it didn't turn all of the dried critter turds on the floor into moist critter turds) and took him across the road and set him (her?) free:

What's that? Manly man Mason wearing a girly girl dust mask? Now you KNOW it was a nasty nasty job.

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